Beauty Essence Liquid Soap

    Beauty Essence Liquid Soap

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    Olive Marseille Soap

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    [Product Introduction]It is a concentrated essence liquid soap which is fit for any skin types. Serving as facial cleanser, shower and shampoo, the beauty essence liquid soap is a mix of patchouli and Royal Series essence. It keeps skin in extremely gentle, moist and nourishing condition.
    P.S.: Beauty Essence Liquid Soap equals to 10 soaps with concentrated essence and essential oil. Applying the soap for longer term for body maintenance and avoiding chemical impairment.

    ★ MUST READ - Difficult in squeezing. First, when there’s some space in the bottle, you can put the liquid soap in water for softening and then add reverses osmosis water or boiled water for dilution. You can correctly follow the above steps so as to avoid repetition each time before you use. Since it’s a concentrated essence liquid soap without any chemical thickener, you can use it easily and economically as two bottles rather than one. Please consider the above suggestion. 

    The soap can prevent skin dryness or cracking and reduce sensation of dryness, decrustation and desquamation. It can also prevent from skin aging and promote cutin metabolism, showing its natural glow. Itchy and sensitive skin resulting from dryness can be relieved by using the soap. It has a good effect in in improving skin protective function and balancing oil secretion. Besides, it’s also a good choice for cleaning your hair, remaining healthy scalp and hair and conditioning skin after shaving. After cleaning, you’ll feel unprecedentedly refresh. It helps repair skin and regenerates its natural glow from the inside out.
    [Ingredient] extra virgin initial cold pressing olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lithospermum root, old natural Indigo, advanced mineral mud, patchouli sap, tea tree/lavender/rosemary essential oil, dozens of herbs.
    [Usage] facial cleanser, shower and shampoo.
    Skin Type: For dry, sensitive, oily and normal skin.
    Storage: Please store in cool and dry place. Avoid sunlight. 
    [Expiry] one to one and a half year under well storage condition.
    Precautions: Wet your body and apply the liquid soap. Rinse with water or sponge.