Hibiscus Mugwort Soap

    Hibiscus Mugwort Soap

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    Hibiscus Mugwort Soap

    Hibiscus Mugwort Soap
    W.B.Z.G. Zi No. 10511002
    P.W.Y. Zi No. 10731079900
    N.Q.G.S.P.D.X.S. Zi No. 1023308399
    P.F.C.G.Zi No. 10709779000

    [Feature]In Taiwan’s folk custom, hibiscus mugwort is a plant that stands for good luck. This soap can be used for babies. Babies are usually with higher temperature and wrapped with diapers for a long time. The soap can relieve discomfort of the skin, strengthen the skin’s protective capability and promote sleep. It’s a soap that can be used for the whole family. Your skin will be fresh and pores refined after using. It has a good effect in balancing oil secretion and repairing your skin. Besides, it’s also a good choice for lustering your skin from the inside out, cleaning your hair, remaining healthy scalp and hair and conditioning skin after shaving. 

    [Ingredient] extra virgin initial cold pressing olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, hibiscus mugwort, patchouli sap, rosemary, lavender essential oil, reverses osmosis (RO) water.

    [Usage] Facial cleanser, shower and shampoo.