Olive Marseille Soap

    Olive Marseille Soap

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    Olive Marseille Soap

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    [Feature] Great amount of herbs are added in Olive Marseille Soap, for example, old natural Indigo (as the record in Compendium of Materia Medica, it helps to relieve itchy skin causing by dry weather). Marseille soap can prevent skin dryness or cracking and reduce sensation of dryness, decrustation and desquamation. It can also prevent from skin aging and promote cutin metabolism, showing its natural glow. Itchy and sensitive skin resulting from dryness can be relieved by using the soap. It has a good effect in improving skin protective function and balancing oil secretion. Besides, it’s also a good choice for cleaning your hair, remaining healthy scalp and hair and conditioning skin after shaving. After cleaning, you’ll feel unprecedentedly refresh. It helps repair skin and regenerates its natural glow from the inside out.

    [Ingredient]extra virgin initial cold pressing olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, rosemary, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, old natural Indigo, patchouli sap, reverses osmosis (RO) water.
    [Usage]Facial cleanser, shower and shampoo.
    [Skin Type]For dry, sensitive, oily and normal skin.
    [Storage] Please store in cool and dry place.
    [Expiry] One to one and a half year under well storage condition.
    [Precautions:]Avoid eyes when washing face. Please rinse continuously with clean water if it splits to eyes.
    [Weight] 120g±10g


    The origin of royal soap

    When Yan Zhi was in her 20s, her hair was always looked oily in summer with itchy scalp and much scurf, while in winter her scalp was with dry scurf. Although she took pills following her dermatologist’s instructions and applied external steroid or anti spore bacteria unguent, her symptoms resulted in temporary relieve but reappeared sometimes. Plenty of scurf shrug off and hair loss even she used some well-known brands of anti-dandruff shampoo.

    Things changed when she started to make handmade soap by herself. She used patchouli soap and hibiscus mugwort soap to wash hair in summer. Applying the soaps for 2-3 months, although she felt rough and found her hair got knotted (for the soap acted as cleanser and cleaned dirty residue inside hair follicle) at very first, she felt all the difference after that. She was surprised that her hair became smooth and silky and don’t rely on hair treatment anymore. But when autumn and winter came, scalp and the whole body felt tide. Lots of scurf appeared in her upper and lower limbs!

    That’s why Royal Soap series was developed. Great amount of herbs are added in soaps, for example, old natural Indigo (as the record in Compendium of Materia Medica, it helps to relieve itchy skin causing by dry weather) and first grade oil. The mixing of shea butter and extra virgin initial cold pressing olive oil enriches its moisturizing and nourishing feature, keeping your skin out of lotion for the whole winter and relieving itchy feeling because of dry weather. We hope that destined customers and friends may get some help through the above experience sharing.